First rule of combat robotics: It is inherently dangerous

Altitude is certain to be a favorite at the Bot Brawl

The first rule of combat robotics is: You don’t talk about combat robotics. Actually, that’s not really true. The first rule is: “Combat robotics is inherently dangerous.”

Awesome. Sounds as fun as Fight Club, doesn’t it?

If you’re not into the Sounders, Mariners or Huskies this weekend, it might be worth your time to cruise over to the Seattle Center on Sunday for Seattle Bot Brawl 2011. Never been to a Bot Brawl?

Here’s the deal: Competitors construct small, metal-clad robots — outfitted with various weapons — which “fight” in a confined space. Sometimes the radio-controlled robots feature spinning blades, other times they rely on speed to do their damage. (See videos below).

Sunday’s event is hosted by Western Allied Robotics, also known as WAR. They describe themselves as a “loose-knit organization of Pacific Northwest combat robot enthusiasts.” Robots will compete in 1, 3, 12 and 30-pound weight classes.

Things will get rolling — or should we say destroying — at noon on Sunday. And, in case you want to see robots engaged in combat, check out a few of these amazing battles.


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