Follow-up: HTC boss says they don’t want to kill the iPhone

GeekWire readers certainly had a lot to say after HTC’s North America president Martin Fichter told mobile leaders at a conference today in Seattle that “iPhones are not that cool anymore.”

But that wasn’t all that Fichter had to say about Apple. Responding to a question about what’s preventing mobile handset makers from creating an “iPhone killer,” Fichter took issue with the concept.

“I’ve heard the term iPhone killer a lot of times, outside of my company and inside my company. Whenever I hear it in meeting rooms inside HTC, I caution people and say: ‘Hey, look, there is a market there for the iPhone.’ I don’t think we want to kill the iPhone because it is geared to a certain amount of people who like things in a certain way, and we do something different.”

If you want to do the same thing as iPhone in exactly the same way, why don’t you send your people to the Apple store and have them buy an iPhone? We want to do something different. We want to appeal to different end users who have different values. And, if you look at the segmentation and the demographics of what we are doing, we are selling phones to different people. So, I don’t like the term iPhone killer. I think we do something different.”

Later in the talk, Fichter used the example of how movies are downloaded to HTC devices as a way that his company is different from Apple.

“It is little things like that that make a difference in how people are using the devices,” he said.


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