GameStop to Carry iOS Devices, Offers Trade-Ins For Used iPhones and Other Apple Products

GameStop has started offering in-store credit for used iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. A message on their website reads:


“Did you know that GameStop now buys your old iPod, iPhone and iPad devices? Trade them in at GameStop for in-store credit. Perfect for trading toward games, accessories, systems and more. Bring in your old iPod, iPhone or iPad and a Game Advisor can assist you. Plus, you’ll score PowerUp Rewards points on every item traded.”

It seems like a smart move by the gaming store, who could potentially clean up on old iOS devices with the launch of the iPhone 5 right around the corner. GameStop also announced its plans to carry new Apple iOS mobile devices and accessories at their stores in the future. The idea of GameStop becoming a one-stop-shopping destination for all your gaming and mobile needs sounds great to me.

UPDATE: According to other sources, GameStop selling new devices is only a rumor right now, but why would they be buying used devices if they don’t plan to offer them in their stores?


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