Get iOS 5 Features Now: Complete List of Apps and Tweaks

Apple plans to release iOS 5 sometime this fall, with over 200 new features and improvements. Although an iOS 5 release date has not been announced, several of the upcoming firmware improvements have been described in detail. Many of these features already exist and can be installed on your iPhone now. Why wait to get the most out of your mobile device?

iOS 5 logo Apple list of features apps

Some of these additions require a jailbroken iPhone, but now thanks to JailbreakMe jailbreaking your iPhone is as simple as visiting a website in Safari. There are many useful apps available that will bring iOS 5 features to your phone for a few dollars or completely free of charge. Here’s a list of 15 different iOS 5 features you can get right now using the Apple App Store or Cydia:

Calls and Messaging

Use FaceTime Over 3G
Delete Individual Recent Calls
Add Contact Photos in Messaging


Install Notification Center
Improved Push Notifications
Custom Vibration Patterns
Install Reminders

Web Browsing and Email

Improved Web Browsing
Improve Your Email


Improved Camera and Photo Editing
Create Albums and Organize Photos
Snap Photos With Volume Buttons
Access Camera From Lock Screen


Wireless Wi-Fi Syncing
Use Keyboard Text Shortcuts

Enjoy using these features right away. In many cases, these tweaks or apps will actually provide more functionality and customizable options than Apple’s iOS 5 release. For those concerned about jailbreaking, rest assured that jailbreaking is legal and can be reversed by restoring your iPhone to official firmware.


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