Maker of free Facebook casino game doubles down on Seattle

505 Union Station

DoubleDown Interactive is well, doubling down, on Seattle. The company, maker of one of the top casino games on Facebook, announced today that it is moving its headquarters to Vulcan’s 505 Union Station building near Pioneer Square.

It also announced the hiring of Peter Anderson — formerly of Big Fish Games — as vice president of recruiting and human resources. (Interestingly, this is the second recruit out of Big Fish for DoubleDown following the hiring of Glenn Walcott as president earlier this year).

That’s going to be a very, very busy gig.

Doubledown today said that its new headquarters has room for an additional 100 employees. The company currently employs 52 people.

“Our newheadquarters mark a new chapter for our rapidly growing company as we look to expand our team and continue to create the world’s biggest and best free casino application on Facebook,” said Walcott in a statement. “Peter has hired great developers and more game developers than any other recruiter in the last 5 years in Seattle. With Peter on board and the fact we are one of the fastest growing social game companies in the world, I’m confident we will continue to hire the best talent.”

DoubleDown Interactive claims to be one of the fastest growing games on Facebook, reporting nearly four million active players each month. The company points out that its monthly user total is more than the average number of visitors to Las Vegas each month.

Not bad. But those Vegas tourists are still dropping way more money right now than they do at DoubleDown.

With the new headquarters near Pioneer Square, DoubleDown also will be within a stone’s throw of another fast-growing social gaming titan. As you may recall, Zynga recently took over office space in the Washington Shoe Building.


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