Rappin’ for TappIn to make files available wherever you wander

There’s no shortage of services that allow consumers to access files in the cloud, from Dropbox to Box.net to SugarSync to Google Docs. But even with all of the competition and clutter in the market, Seattle’s TappIn believes it can carve a niche.

The company, which until today was known as HomePipe Networks, has added a number of new features that it believes will appeal to consumers and business professionals who want to access documents, spreadsheets, videos and more from any connected device.

That’s becoming increasingly important, especially as lines blur between work and personal life and the devices people use to complete tasks in both worlds.

In fact, the name change is being driven by the new direction.

“People want to ‘tap in’ to their digital content, be it work or personal, anywhere, anytime, on the device of their choice but they don’t want to risk the security of any proprietary information,” said CEO Chris Hopen, the former CTO at Aventail. “TappIn securely connects people to their content and content to people.”

Most competing services require users to upload content themselves to storage “lockers,” but with TappIn users can just access content on the go.

“By compressing, encrypting, and streaming your data through a secure cloud pathway, TappIn makes your data available on any mobile device or remote computer, without ever copying or storing it in the cloud,” according to the company.

Since files reside on the existing device or computer, there are no storage limits like other services. TappIn, which charges $19.99 per year, also announced integration with Salesforce.com. The company said that the integration allows professionals to “instantly and securely share important files stored within Salesforce using just the tap of a finger.”

Another deal will be announced in the coming weeks with a large storage company.

Founded two years ago, TappIn raised $1.1 million in angel financing in March. It employs 12 people.

Just in case you forgot the new name, here’s a little rap to get the point across.


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