A look at the six finalists from the Zino Zillionaire forum

Von Piglet Productions’ Sue Corcoran; Prosperity Organic Foods’ Craig Lange; Bizmote’s Jeff Ludwyck; Scayl’s Bill Kallman; Geedra’s Rob Mathewson; Rigabambu’s Gordon Davidson Skyler Moss

Entrepreneurs from a variety of fields competed Wednesday in the 6th annual Zino Zillionaire Investment Forum, with six finalists chosen at yesterday’s pitch event. From the remaning six companies, two will receive $75,000 each after research is completed by the organization’s angel investors.

Here’s a quick at the six finalists with links to their Web sites:

Bizmote: On-property engagement with customers through the mobile device.

Geedra: Online photo platform for construction designed to reduce the risks of projects using existing jobsite photos.

Prosperity Organic Foods: Organic foods using healthy fats and oils, including an organic butter alternative known as Melt.

Rigabambu: Maker of the SnapPlates electrical wall plate which snaps on to existing and new outlets with no screws.

Scayl: Digital parcel service enables unlimited attachments and folders to be sent in a .

Von Piglet Productions: A family holiday comedy for theatrical, TV, digital download and DVD.


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