Clearwire, China Mobile to partner on smartphones, tablets and other LTE devices

China Mobile and Clearwire have entered into a partnership to work together on new TD-LTE devices, including tablet computers and smartphones. In a press release, the company said that they will jointly work to “further accelerate the time-to-market availability of high volume TD-LTE chipsets and devices that should be commercially available starting in 2012.”

CNET has more details on the partnership, with Clearwire CTO John Saw telling the news site that they want to “hitch ourselves to that huge bandwagon” that is China Mobile.

The carrier is the largest in the world with 700 million subscribers.

Clearwire Chairman John Stanton added in a press release:

“We expect to launch a next-generation LTE network that will offer more capacity than any other 4G network in the United States. By working with China Mobile, we fully expect to benefit from a device ecosystem aimed to support billions of potential users worldwide. This unmatched scale should reduce costs and increase choices for our customers in the years ahead.”

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