Dispute: Would AT&T’s T-Mobile acquisition create or kill jobs?

In a letter to President Obama today, U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler and 14 of his Democratic colleagues urged the administration to step in and end the Justice Department’s attempt to block ATTs proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom.

“ATT has announced plans to repatriate 5,000 jobs that are currently being performed overseas,” they write in the letter. “In addition to these 5,000 jobs, a recent study has shown that the merger will create somewhere between 55,000 and 96,000 new jobs to integrate the two networks and upgrade facilities.”

That’s bogus, says Sprint.

“Make no mistake, ATT’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile will eliminate tens of thousand of jobs across the country,” said Sprint spokesman John Taylor in a response this afternoon.

The company, which has opposed ATT’s acquisition of T-Mobile from the beginning, called the study cited by the legislators flawed, saying that “the overall investment for the combined companies will be substantially reduced if the proposed transaction closes.”

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