Mixpo to help online publishers run ‘smarter’ video ads

As more dollars shift to online advertising, Mixpo wants to welcome those newcomers with open arms. To do that, the Seattle startup today is rolling out a new SmartVideo platform that it says will help publishers and ad networks create interactive video ads that work across desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

In addition, the company says the new service will allow advertisers to easily customize campaigns in order target messages based on what people are watching.

A campaign using Mixpo’s video platform

Publishers can do that without revising the ad formats, according to the company. That could have wide implications for online video advertisers, allowing them to easily slot in campaigns or tailor messages to specific audiences.

“Advertisers need a way to extend video campaigns across all ad formats, while ensuring the content is still tailored for the individual viewer,” said Mixpo President and CEO Anupam Gupta in a release. “We already have seen many powerful use cases of this technology from better product recommendations to localized campaigns that drive foot traffic to retail outlets.”

In addition to targeting, Mixpo said that the new service allows advertisers to embed store directions, coupons, market intelligence surveys, Twitter feeds and other information directly into the ads.

Mixpo is backed by Madrona Venture Group, Yaletown Venture Partners and Growthworks.


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