Puzzle Palooza to stump geeks with 26-foot tall Groovik’s Cube

The Groovik’s Cube being installed at Pacific Science Center

Like to solve puzzles?

Well, you may want to wander over to the Pacific Science Center next month where, as part of the Puzzle Palooza exhibit, a 26-foot tall “Groovik’s Cube” is being erected.

Groovik’s Cube at Burning Man (Photo via Michael Holden)

Described as one “enormous, interactive puzzle,” the larger-than-life puzzle game is inspired by the Rubik’s Cube that stumped kids and adults alike in the 1970s and 1980s.

Originally set up at the Burning Man festival in 2009, Groovik’s Cube is now being installed as the main exhibit for Puzzle Palooza by UW researcher Mike Tyka and other members of the GroovLabs engineering collective. Here’s how it will work:

Standing 26-feet high, it is controlled from three stations that surround the main structure. While Groovik’s Cube may be played by just one player, in three-player mode each player is able to rotate only one axis, creating an entirely new, collaborative puzzle-solving experience.

Sounds fun, huh? You can watch the third day of the installation here:

[Hat tip to Brady Forrest at Ignite]


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