Savvis expands data center in Seattle: Benaroya lands Marvell

After getting gobbled up by CenturyLink, data center giant Savvis is expanding its operations in the Seattle area. The company is opening a new 27,150 feet data center in Tukwila, one of many regions where the company is expanding. (Among the clients at the new data center is Bellevue-based, which was acquired earlier this year by Walgreen’s).

Savvis was acquired by CenturyLink in July in a deal valued at 2.5 billion, giving the company close to 50 data centers worldwide. The recent expansion in Seattle, New Jersey, Atlanta, Boston and Toronto will bring on another 100,000 square feet of space on board.

In other data center news, Marvell — a fabless semiconductor company with 5,700 employees — announced that it has chosen Benaroya’s South Hill Data Center for a new disaster recovery facility. The 300,000 square-foot facility opened in July.


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