Skedi: Calendar app looks to keep busy families organized

If you’re like me, organizing schedules of family members is one royal pain in the butt.

And while a number of companies have tried to solve that problem — including Seattle’s Cozi — each day passes in my family without any real solution. (I know the solution exists, but just haven’t had time to investigate).

Seattle startup Rodax Software is hoping to make some inroads in the very crowded market with the release today of Skedi, a $9.99 iPhone application that allows various family members to coordinate the trips to the store and soccer practice no matter which calendar program people use.

Creator John Boyer notes:

“Skedi lets parents avoid conflicting appointments or the need to go home to check everyone’s calendars first by managing everyone’s schedules on the go directly from their smartphone.  With Skedi, everyone in the family can continue to use their favorite calendar – Skedi automatically takes that information and combines it in a single iPhone app that can be managed by parents.”

That means you don’t have to retype in multiple appointments or check multiple calendars. It also allows users to import calendars from school, work or other activities, and plan new activities that show up on the shared calendar.

The price is a bit high at $9.99, but there’s no ongoing service fee. As this post shows, there’s no shortage of competition in the mobile calendar arena with services such as CalenGoo, GoCal and Pocket Calendar.


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