Can you find your company on the Seattle Startup Map?

Zachary Cohn and Nick Hughes were planning out the logistics for the next Startup Crawl event in Seattle when they recognized a problem. There wasn’t a go-to map to see where startup companies are located in the Seattle area. From that brainstorm, an idea was born.

It’s called the Seattle Startup Map.

It is a pretty cool idea, a Google map which shows where startup companies are based in the Seattle area.

It is by no means a complete list. But it is still pretty neat to see where startups cluster. (For example, there’s quite a concentration in Pioneer Square).

Here’s how Cohn, who spent about four hours on the site, built the map. He wrote a Google apps script to scrape the Seattle 2.0 Index, the online directory of 476 startups in the region. Then, he ran all of the companies through the address lookup service, exporting them to the Google Map via Batchgeo.

As you’ll quickly notice, several companies aren’t on the map. (See if you can find yours?) Cohn said that only had addresses for 155 of the startups on the Seattle 2.0 Index.

For example, Cheezburger Network’s address in the Seattle Bank building in lower Queen Anne didn’t show up. (Perhaps a good thing since Cheezburger is planning on moving out of the space in the coming months).

I tried to solicit support for a similar map about a year ago, asking readers to submit companies. But it was just too hard to maintain. Leave it to a developer to figure out a more streamlined approach.

If you don’t see your company on the map, fill out this form and Cohn will try to get it added.

View Seattle Startup Map in a full screen map

Editor’s note: Cohn is a freelance developer who is currently working on aspects of GeekWire. The startup map is an independent project.


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