GeekWire Radio: Windows 8, iPhone 5, tablets on a plane, and making TV more social

Ben Elowitz, Wetpaint CEO (Erynn Rose photo)

This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, we recap Microsoft’s Windows 8 preview, talk about the latest iPhone 5 rumors, discuss a new entertainment system for airline tray tables, and explain how is bringing daily deals to its Kindle e-reader.

Then we talk social media and television with Ben Elowitz, the CEO of Wetpaint, the Seattle company building an entertainment news and celebrity gossip network makes heavy use of Facebook and other social-networking tools to build and engage with its audience.

In our final segment, it’s the return of our Name that Tech Tune challenge, with a chance to win tickets to the Jet City Comic Show.

Listen to the full show above or directly via this MP3 file.  You can get every episode of the GeekWire show using this RSS feed, or subscribe in iTunes or Zune.

Show Notes: Headlines and links related to the topics we discussed … 

This is Windows 8: Hands-on with Microsoft’s radically different operating systemHow to get Windows 8 right now — at your own risk

Morning Radar: iPhone 5 craziness

Introducing TrayVu: This airline tray doubles as an inflight entertainment system

Amazon integrates AmazonLocal deals service into Kindle

Ben Elowitz: Wetpaint@elowitz

Surprise — TV and celeb gossip works online: Wetpaint boasts 15M monthly pageviews


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