Casio paying Microsoft to use Linux in new patent deal

Microsoft this morning announced the latest in a series of patent licensing agreements with device makers, entering a multi-year deal with Casio Computer Co. that will provide Casio’s customers with coverage for their use of the open-source Linux operating system in Casio devices.

The agreement is an implicit acknowledgement of Microsoft’s longstanding claims that Linux violates its patents — an assertion that members of the open-source software community have long disputed.

Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but Microsoft said it will receive payments from Casio under the agreement. Microsoft described the agreement as an extension of an existing relationship between the companies. Casio uses Microsoft’s software in its industrial handheld terminals and business information systems, according to the company.

Microsoft has similarly been seeking, and in some cases receiving, patent royalties from makers of devices that run Google’s Android operating system, prompting a strong response from Google’s top lawyer.

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