HasOffers to help mobile app developers track installations

HasOffers founders Lucas and Lee Brown

HasOffers today is rolling out a new product today called Mobile App Tracking, which like the name suggests allows developers of iPhone and Android apps to keep track of installations and where they are coming from. Peter Hamilton, the chief marketing officer of HasOffers, admits that it is an area of mobile advertising that is “pretty muddy right now.”

“There is no simple way to track mobile app installs back to a source since you can’t use cookie tracking, so if you’re promoting your mobile app with ad networks or publishers, you don’t really know how many new users — app installs — they’re providing,” Hamilton tells GeekWire.

The company has been testing the service with some select customers, but it is rolling out the new mobile offering today at Mobile App Tracking. It works in conjunction with all of the major mobile ad networks including AdMob, TapJoy and Moblix.

The goal of the service is to help app developers more closely track installations so as to reduce redundant payouts to ad networks and get a better sense of which advertising/publishing channels are working the best.

HasOffers is offering the first 5,000 clicks free, and after that there’s a $25 per month fee. Afterwards, there’s also $0.005 click request and $0.005 conversion request.

HasOffers is growing fast, with plans to reach nearly $5 million in revenue this year. The profitable company also recently said that it plans to hire as many as 30 new workers this year. We profiled the twin brothers behind the company, Lucas and Lee Brown, earlier this year.

Here’s a closer look at how the Mobile App Tracking service works:


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