HTC has a ‘Charm’ of its own, dangling from new phone

HTC’s new Rhyme phone, announced this morning for Verizon Wireless, is an attempt to make an Android phone that appeals more to women, and one of the included accessories is actually pretty interesting.

Whether or not women — or anyone else — will actually use this thing is another issue, but it’s a simple idea that has the potential, at least, to solve a common problem.

The accessory is called the Charm. (Yes, the same word that Microsoft is trying to trademark for use in computer operating systems, as part of Windows 8.)

Here’s how HTC describes its Charm.

The Charm is an innovative approach for discretely alerting you to incoming calls or messages while the HTC Rhyme is deep in your bag.  The Charm is a small light-emitting cube that attaches to the phone by a cord that can dangle from your bag and also be used to quickly pull the phone out of your bag.  It also makes it easy to find your phone buried in your cluttered purse or backpack.

See HTC’s Charm in the photo above. What do you think? I could actually envision myself using this in some settings, if it were a little more, um, manly. It’s like a mini bat signal.

The Rhyme comes with the HTC Sense user interface on top of Android, with features including a customizable home screen with alerts about messages or appointments, or notifications from other apps. It will be available in the U.S. starting Sept. 29 for $199. Other accessories include a dock that turns the phone into an alarm clock/music station.

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