Starbucks Digital Network gets first look at music from Feist

Feist at Village Studios in LA. The singer’s performance debuts on the Starbucks Digital Network today.

Starting today, visitors to the Starbucks Digital Network will get a special musical treat along with their shot of espresso. The Seattle coffee retailer has partnered with Yahoo to roll out exclusive online video footage from Feist, with the clips appearing on the Starbucks Digital Network for the next two weeks. In the video, the Grammy Award-winning singer performs tracks from her upcoming album “Metals.”

That album is not set to debut until October 4th, but fans of the Canadian-born singer can head over to the nearest Starbucks and boot up their computers to watch her perform new songs. The studio footage will be made available on Yahoo Music October 4th.

The Starbucks Digital Network debuted last fall. And while the in-store entertainment and news portal has featured concert footage in the past, this marks the first time that Starbucks has worked with Yahoo in this capacity.

“Starbucks worked with Yahoo to create this one-of-a-kind experience with Feist and it’s a great example of how we continue to offer new content experiences on the network,” said a company spokeswoman.

The deal with Yahoo and Feist is the latest example of how Starbucks is trying to combine elements of technology with its in-store experience. The coffee retailer also just started giving away free iPhone apps at its stores, and now is expanding that program to online TV shows and books.

Here’s a preview of the Feist performance, which will run on the Starbucks Digital Network from today until October 3rd.


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