T-Mobile exec: We won’t get the iPhone 5 this year

T-Mobile won’t be getting the iPhone 5 this year, but could it get the iPhone 4?

T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman has confirmed what we’ve been hearing for several weeks: The Bellevue wireless carrier will not be getting the iPhone 5 this year.

Speaking at a company Town Hall meeting last week, Brodman reportedly said that the upcoming release from Apple (expected in October) will not be a part of T-Mobile’s lineup.

As GeekWire’s Todd Bishop noted last month, T-Mobile is expected to be the only major carrier in the U.S. this year without the iPhone after Sprint is expected to get it this fall.

Todd wrote:

T-Mobile’s customers stand to inherit the iPhone when (or if) ATT’s acquisition of the company from parent Deutsche Telekom goes through. But in the meantime, the agreement for T-Mobile USA to be acquired reduces Apple’s motivation to spend time working out a deal with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has taken some shots at the iPhone in the past, including a publicity stunt in Seattle a few months ago in which it offered a $1,000 prize to anyone whose iPhone beat the Galaxy S 4G smartphone in a download speed test.

TmoNews, which reported on the statements of Brodman today, wonders if the iPhone 4 could come to T-Mobile this year and whether the remarks signal that the carrier might get the iPhone 5 next year.

Stay tuned.



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