Xcode 4 : Fonts and Color Themes



Xcode includes a nice assortment of built-in themes that manage fonts and color selections. To view the available themes:

Xcode – Preferences
Select Fonts and Colors tab (across the top)
Select a theme on the left menu

Below are screenshots of the Default, Sunset and Midnight themes. There is also a Presentation theme where the font sizes have been increased, this is handy if you ever need to show your code to others via an overhead projector.

Create a New Theme

You can create a new theme and customize the look however you like – click the + at the bottom left of the preference dialog to create a new theme – you will be shown a list of available themes to duplicate as a starting point:

Hidden Theme

There is a theme that is not shown in the original theme list – look at the figure above, I’ve drawn a rectangle around Spartan, which is only shown when creating a new theme. To give this theme a try, create a new theme and select Spartan as the theme to duplicate.


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