Laser Motive beams up cash to transmit electricity without wires

Imagine being able to transmit electricity without the wires. That’s the promise of Laser Motive, a Kent-based startup that’s announcing today a new round of cash from Space Angels Network.  The company’s technology uses laser beams to wirelessly transfer electricity over long distances, with potential applications in aerospace and power transmission.

In fact, the company has set world records for laser-powered helicopter flights, with the latest record set at the Future of Flight in Mukilteo, Washington last October. It also previously won $900,000 as part of NASA’s Power Beaming competition.

The company is led by Tom Nugent, the former research director for LiftPort Group, and Dr. Jordin Kare, an expert on laser propulsion.

We’ve interviewed Nugent in the past and his company is one of the more interesting we’ve encountered in Seattle. Brad Fleury, a member of Space Angels Network, an early-stage investment firm focused on aerospace ventures, noted that Laser Motive has the potential to “revolutionize the aerospace industry.”

Here’s a closer look at the company:


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