Michael Arrington, Tony Hsieh bankroll ex-TechCrunch writer Paul Carr’s stealth startup

Paul Carr

TechCrunch writer Paul Carr resigned in a blaze of glory a week ago, writing a blistering blog post about the activities of the tech blog’s parent company, AOL.

But the writer has landed on his feet with a new stealth startup that just so happens to be backed by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh and CrunchFund founder and former TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington.

In a blog post titled “What’s Next?” Carr writes that it should be an “an interesting adventure, given I literally wrote the book on start-up failure.”

He continued:

“Having Michael’s backing through CrunchFund is awesome for two reasons. First, I love working with him and am really happy to have the opportunity to do so again so soon after the whole TechCrunch/AOL debacle. And second, half of the money in the CrunchFund comes from AOL. I mean — ha! AOL!”

Carr isn’t saying what he’s doing, but the company will be based in Las Vegas as part of Hsieh’s “Downtown Project



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