One place for daily deals: Microsoft Bing’s new aggregation site

Microsoft this morning launched Bing Deals, aiming to make its search engine a destination for the wide variety of daily deals available to consumers in many cities and regions these days.

The goal is to solve a problem for people who feel “overloaded with deals that aren’t relevant to them,” said Bing’s Lisa Gurry in a blog post introducing the service. More than 200,000 deals are catalogued via Bing Deals service, from services including Groupon, LivingSocial, Nordstrom and Target.

It’s the latest on a long series of attempts by Microsoft to appeal to bargain hunters to boost its search-engine usage. The most high-profile effort to date was the company’s Bing Cashback program, which offered partial refunds for using Bing to search for goods online. It was discontinued last year, with Microsoft saying it didn’t see the broad usage it had hoped for.

Here’s what the Bing Deals page looks like …



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