GeekWire Radio: Facebook, Netflix, comic books and the Greatest American Hero

Matthew Southworth and William Katt (Photo: Erynn Rose)

We’ve got a big menu of topics on this weekend’s GeekWire radio show and podcast, starting with a discussion of the latest changes at Facebook and Netflix, and what they’ll mean for users of those two services.

From there, we debate Microsoft’s decision to make an example of one of its (now former) employees over a series of tweets about an upcoming Windows Phone from Nokia.

Then we bring in two guests for a discussion of the comic book landscape: Matthew Southworth, the Seattle-based artist who illustrates the Stumptown comic books and William Katt, who played the The Greatest American Hero in the popular TV series in the 1980s, in addition to roles in Carrie and many other productions. (Both are appearing at today’s Jet City Comic Show in Seattle.)

In our final segment, we give the answer to last week’s Name that Tech Tune Challenge and serve up a new one, with a chance to win a hardcover copy of Stumptown Vol. 1, signed by both of our guests.

Listen to the full show above or directly via this MP3 file.  You can get every episode of the GeekWire show using this RSS feed, or subscribe in iTunes or Zune.

Headlines and links for more on the stories we discussed …

Netflix to spin off DVD mail business as Qwikster; CEO Reed Hastings admits he messed up

Poll: Do you accept Netflix’s apology?

New from Facebook: Timeline view, lifestyle apps, movies and music with friends

Does Google have monopoly power? Watch Eric Schmidt dance around this one

Windows Phone manager who tweeted inside info about Nokia device is out at Microsoft

Jet City Comic Show, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at Seattle Center

Brendan Wright’s past interview with Matt Southworth about Stumptown

Name that Tech Tune for a chance to win a signed Stumptown book.


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